SAP HR Development help - ABAP code and information on various areas of HR development in SAP

[+] Example HR programs
List of example HR ABAP programs

[+] SAP HR Function modules
HR related function modules to perform useful functions such as Maintaining HR infotypes, locking pernrs etc etc

[+] Creating and Enhancing Infotypes
Shows how to create and enhance infotypes

All SAP HR infotypes
List of all SAP HR infotypes

retrieve payrole results via GET PAYROLE event

Absence type text(AWART)
Retrieve absence type text

Function module to call report from managers desktop (MDT)
Function module code to allow reports to be executed from managers desktop.

Create new HR report catagory
Shows how to create a new report catagory

Retrieve personnel work schedule
Shows how to retrieve personnel work schedule

Retrieve comment texts for infotype 19
Shows how to retrieve comment from cluster table for infotype 19

User Exits to Add functionality to the PBO and PAI of HR infotypes.
Details about SAP user exits which allow you to add functionality to PBO and PAI of infortypes

[+] SAP Payrole
Shows various areas of salary and wage processing with SAP payrole

[+] Org. Unit processing
Org unit processing in SAP

[+] Personal absence calander for SSP/SMP (NCALE)
Use of personal absence calander for SSP and SMP

[+] Training and event management (TEM)
Training and event management information

[+] SAP Tables and infotypes
Useful SAP HR database tables and infotypes

[+] SAP Transaction Codes
Useful SAP HR transaction codes

Retrieve country grouping for Personnel
Shows how to retrieve country grouping for Personnel

Get multiple contracts for Personnel
Retrieve a users multiple contract id's

Display organisational structure
Display org structure in SAP

Infotype selection methods
Detaisl about various infortype selection methods

ABAP help menu
Return to SAP ABAP Development menu

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