BAPI & RFC in SAP ABAP Development Info and Example code for calling BAPI's and remote function calls

Create SAP works order, transaction IW32

Retrieve fiscal year and payrole period (based on date and company code)

Release infotype entry after update, see maintain communication infotype for example use

Lock infotype entry ready for update, see maintain communication infotype for example use

BAPi to replication transaction CJ01 and CJ02 to create and chnage project definitions, WBS, Milestones etc...

Retreive data from SAP using JCo and BAPI's ( Article )
Using JCo and BAPI's to get datas from SAP

Implement an RFC between two SAP systems
Implementing an RFC between too SAP systems

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Function module BAPI_PROJECT_MAINTAIN to maintain SAP project definition, WBS, Milestone
SAP Remote Function Call using the RFC destination parameter